Current Appearances

Summer 2022-Spring 2023

June 2 Swing Dance, Great American Brass Band Festival, Danville, KY,

June 3 Concert, Great American Brass Band Festival, Shaker Village, KY,
4:30-6 PM

June 4 Concert, Great American Brass Band Festival, Main Stage, Danville, KY,
5-6 PM

June 14 Concert, Moondance Theatre, Lexington, KY Park & Rec Series,
7:30-8 PM

July 3 July 4th Celebration, Ashland Park Neighborhood Assn., Lexington, KY,
4-7 PM

July 23 Historic Paris Bourbon County Festival, The Livery, Paris, KY,
7-8 PM

July 26 Ramblers players guest appearance with banjo wizard Tim Lake,
Ecton Park, Lexington, KY 7-8:30 PM

Sept 10 100th Anniversary Celebration of the Historic Artcraft Theatre, Franklin, IN,
Downtown Franklin,Indiana, 5-8 PM and11PM-Midnight

Sept 18 Fort Harrod Jazz Festival, Shaker Village, KY,
3-4 PM

Feb 21 Mardi Gras Breakfast, Newman Center, Lexington Ky (Walnut Street Trio)

April 15 Swing Dance, LexSwing Dance Association, Lexington, KY, 8-10:30 PM